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Welcome to Noxa's Add-on page for Neuroshell Trader®
Our add-ons are implemented in Vectorized C++ and assembly code for maximum performance. They integrate directly with Neuroshell Trader® and come with a wealth of information to walk you through (Help files, free Downloads.).
Adaptive Mixture of Experts (AME)
USD $890.00  
Noxa AME is an adaptive expert advisor; it adapts to not just changing market conditions, but changes in the fundamental way the market works. It is self-learned with only one parameter to set.

•  Risk-adjusted signals,
•  Proxy trading available,
•  Runs in 100% walk-forward adaptation mode.
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Causal Singular Spectrum Analysis (CSSA)
USD $350.00  
Noxa CSSA is a set of zero-lag indicators that perform a Singular Spectrum Analysis to extract "well-behaved" cycles.

•  Catch and trade cycles with unprecedented accuracy,
•  Spot reversals faster in all time frames,
•  Don't get whipsawed in and out.
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Entropy Indicators (NEI)
USD $290.00  
We designed a unique set of indicators that use the concept of Shannon Entropy to show information content in price series and give insights on when money is being poured into markets.
Entropy is at its roots a measure of uncertainty and we know that the one factor that drives markets absolutely crazy is uncertainty. With Noxa NEI, you will be able to enhance your trading with the following features:

•  Spot foretelling "Prediction Days",
•  Detect subtle price activities that precede trend reversals,
•  Select the right inputs for your neural-net.
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*     Neuroshell Trader ® is a registered trademark of Ward Systems Group, Inc. You can build Neural-nets for your predictions and let the Genetic Algorithm tune our indicators to optimize your profit.